3-14-2014 3-58-33 PM

PriceActionTrader.com  entire suite of services are designed with the serious, active, futures trader in mind. Whether it’s a trade from our live real-time call in our live trade room with defined stop, defined target, and defined entry.  PriceActionTrader.com is your one stop source to start your trading day right.  We designed this site for the serious trader that needs the vital market data to survive in a market that is controlled by algo bots that move price in millie seconds before you have a chance to react.

PriceActionTrader.com consistently relays more vital market information in real time than any other service on the web.  We also value your input and would like to know what services you would like to see to enhance your trading day and we will do our best to provide that information free of charge.  Please take the time to register and become part of the winning team.

John Car

Senior Market Strategist and Trainer.