5 Years In Development!



StrikeZone is based on support & resistance levels, price action, pivot points, order flow energy and trend. These are the primary building blocks that you need in order to beat institutional traders and algorithmic trading robots.

We have combined these elements into a very powerful intra-day trading tool that a novice and professional trader can use to trade the markets on a  daily basis.

Our StrikeZones will show you in real time were there is an imbalance of buyers and sellers are to give you an advantage before other traders lagging indicators give them signal to enter the trade.

Our trend based color system blue for uptrend red for downtrend keeps you from making the mistake of trading against the prevailing trend combined with our color support & resistance zones that are drawn on the charts dynamically will keep the novice trader on the right side of the trade on a consistent basis.

Our dynamic floor trader pivots will show the trader were the institutional and floor trader price targets are giving you the edge to know when to close your trade and wait for price reversal.

Our trend bar will give you in an instant the prevailing trend for 1 hour, 4 hour, 30 min, 15 min, 5 min and 1 min time frames without having to have each time frame open taking up valuable screen space.

  • Learn how profitable trading can be with proven support & resistance zones
  • Clearly see market turning points and breakout zones using order flow
  • Understand the link between support and resistance and future price action
  • Increase your winning trade percentage dramatically using StrikeZone theory

Our velocity indicator provides the trader a very unique way to identify institutional order flow by alerting the trader with an audio alert when large block orders are coming into the particular futures market they are trading.  This gives the trader the best entry into the prevailing trend which increases the odds of the trade being successful.

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